Greenfert Group BV

Greenfert Group BV is a Dutch company, we produce and sale organic fertilizers and help you to build your own fertilizer factory.

The Greenfert fertilizer is a first class quality product, produced from the manure of animals from contract farmers in the Netherlands under the strict 1069/2009 regulation of the European government. 
This means for all our customers safe and high quality farming.

Greenfert organic fertilizers can be used for all farming, our sales managers will help you by finding the best product out of our high quality fertilizers, we have made a selection off the best npk’s for you, npk 4-3-3 / 4-2-10 / 8-3-3 / 8-5-8. of course custom made product are possible.

For you result is the first priority, but also organic is a priority, the world will be greener, this means organic farming is become a high priority for selling your products all over your country and the world, products that
have been grown with organic fertilizer sales easier.

Please contact us and let us help you to get the best green results and the best products out of you farm.